The Mission:

From Nov. 28th, 2008 to Feb. 8th, 2009 (12 weeks) I intend to run 13 races of marathon distance (26.2 miles) or greater to benefit the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. In total, if all goes as planned, approximately 388 miles will have been covered over a span of a 12 week time frame and a significant amount of money will have been raised for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

100% of donations will go directly to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Wow - is this late or what?!? First off, I apologize to anyone who wondered if I had fallen off the face of the earth - I didn't, in fact I've already wrote this post once but some how managed to delete it prior to posting it. When I discovered that all my typing had disappeared I decided to wait until I was ready to officially call an end to receiving donations to post something about the last race.
(Outside, all looks calm and peaceful - inside disorganization rules)

So... way back on the 8th was the Valentines Marathon, #13 of the '13 in 12,' prior to the race I had made arrangements with a very generous donor to wear a special t-shirt during the race, though the pictures don't do it justice, it's a very cool shirt that reads "I'm Nic" then has 3 awesome little robots, then below reads "Stever's Fan Club" (Stever is my buddy who is the main motivation behind the fund raising). I also planned to run with fellow Maniacs Matt & Andre to (once again) attempt a 3:30 marathon. When I arrived at the race location, I was greeted with a lack of organization, by the time I had my bib # we were moments from the start of the race, never the less I was able to be ready and lined up with Matt & Andre as planned.

(shirt similar to the one I was wearing - but mine is bright orange!)

We started off and I could already tell 8 minute miles were not what I was used to, but once in a rhythm they seemed to feel alright, and even when they didn't, I had my motivation (Matt had pinned a cash donation to the back of his running jacket).

Somewhere shortly after the half way turn around Andre told us that he was going to fall back a bit, Matt & I were still chugging along, though I was fairly certain I wouldn't be able to hold the pace the remainder of the race. Some where around mile 18 we started resorting to a few walking breaks... soon enough it was obvious that 3:30 would once again remain elusive... but still, I was enjoying Matt's company and over all, was having a pretty good day.

(Just past the finishing line - feeling better than I look)

Around 25 miles (maybe less) Matt told me to go ahead and finish without him, I (barely) speed up and ended up coming in about a minute and a half earlier than he did, with Andre only a few minutes behind Matt. When I finished, my watch read 3:41: and change, which ends up being my 3rd fastest marathon, so I'll take it.

(#13 - with assistance from my wife and key supporter, Rachael! Feeling *much* better than I look...)

I'll post soon with a grand total as far as donations received + a few other comments regarding the whole process, but real quick I'd just like to say "Thank You" to everyone who donated and supported me over the course of these last 12 (+) weeks, this has been a wonderful experience and I know the LLS appreciates the cash!

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